A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Holy Land: Bethphage and Dominus Flevit

On today’s journey through the Holy Land we visit the Mount of Olives and the City Bethphage. We visit the Church Dominus Flevit which means “Jesus Wept”. Join with us as we learn 5 lessons from Jesus as He wept over Jerusalem.

Passage: Luke 19: 28-44

He Wept over Jerusalem

  1. He wept because He could see the end.
    Vs. 42 – 44 (If thou had known)
  2. He wept because He knew the extent of the need.
    Vs. 42 (Even thou)
  3. He wept because He knew the time.
    Vs. 42 (at least in this thy day)
  4. He wept because He know what was provided.
    Vs. 42 (the things which belong unto thy peace)
  5. He wept because He knew the blindness of unbelief.
    Vs. 42 (Are hid from thine eyes)