A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Holy Land – Caesarea Philippi

Christ and The Church are in Focus

  1. A Statement about Christology: Who do men say?
    -Omni Present- The Great cannot hinder – I will build my Church
    -Omniscient- The World cannot Comprehend – Flesh and Blood
    -Omnipotent- Hell Cannot conquer Him – The Gates of Hell

  2. A Statement about Credentials: Thou art the Christ
    Christ: Anointed One: Only Prophets, Priests, Kings

  3. A statement about Ecclesiology: – I will Build my church
    A church is a local assembly believing what the Lord has said and doing what the Lord commanded.

    -The Universal Church has not yet assembled

    -The Church is a body- with Christ as the Head -“I will build my church”
    -The Church is a building- with Christ as the Foundation -“I will Build my church”
    -The Church is a Bride- with Christ as the Husband -“I will build my Church