A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Holy Land: Gethsemane

Preparation for the Cross

Passage: Luke 22:1-8

Heaven/ Hell/ and Earth Involved in the Process

1.Heaven’s preparation

  • The Timing was prepared by God (Passover) (vs. 1)
  • The Truth was pictured by God (Slain) (vs. 7)
  • The Testimony was Given by Christ (Upper Room) (vs. 8)

2.Hell’s Preparation

The Terrible possession of Judas (vs. 3)

The Temptation acted upon (vs. 4)

The Transaction settle with Thanksgiving (vs. 5)

3.Earthly Preparation

  • The Thinking of the Chief Priests (vs. 2)
  • The Trip to Plan the Transgression (vs. 4)
  • The Two Parties Seal the Deal (vs. 6)

The Same Thing is true Every time the Word of God is given out!

Heaven/ Hell/ Earth