A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Holy Land – On the Sea of Galilee

GREAT FAITH, little faith and no faith. In Matthew’s Gospel we read the story of Jesus calming the waves (Matthew 8:23-27). From this story we learn that

  1. Little faith is overcome by the storms of life – Great Faith with not waiver.
  2. Little faith magnifies common things – Great Faith becomes accustom to the waves.
  3. light faith assumes the worst – Great Faith expects the best.
  4. Little faith forfeits the sure things – Great Faith brings great victories.

In Matthew 14:22-32 we see the growth in Peter’s faith. One year after the calming of the waves Peter is now walking on the water. However he is still growing. He took his eyes off Jesus and begins to sink, but Jesus is there to stretch out his hand.

Do you have little faith or Great Faith?