A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Holy Land – The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan

In this weeks journey through the Holy Land we visit the Jordan River and the Baptismal Site on the Jordan River in Yardenit. We see this is not the original site of Jesus’ Baptism, but rather a replication of a baptismal site on the Jordan River. Join with us a listen as we study the Baptism of Jesus and what it means for us.

  1. Jesus Baptism Made this Ordinance Great Forever.
    Two Opposite Tendencies about Baptism

    1. A Non Essential – Came all the way from Galilee to be Baptized.
    2. A Saving Work (he was without Sin, had no sins to be washed away yet His Baptism makes it important for us. (Remember the Great Commission
  2. Jesus Baptism Set a pattern for Us.
    1. It was an Immersion (Baptizo: Means Immerse)
    2. It is the same Word used by Christ in the Great Commission
  3. Jesus Baptism Foretold His Death and Resurrection
    1. Matthew 21-23
    2. Romans 5:3-5
  4. Baptism is an Example of Obedience
    1. Dr. Charles Haddon Spurgeon
    2. Dr. A.T. Pierson
    3. General Gorge Washington

Obedience carried Christ to His first Baptism as well as to His 2nd Baptism
Luke 14:27