A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Holy Land – “Three Strikes and You’re Out”

In our Journey through the Land of Israel we take a look at the three cities of Bethsaida, Capernaum, and Chorazin.

So What happened at these 3 Towns?

  1. Wondrous Works were performed
    1. The Words of Scripture bear witness
    2. The Testimony of History bears witness
    3. The Lives of the Changed bear Witness
  2. Wicked Unbelief took over
    1. A sin against Light
    2. A sin against Love
    3. A sin against the Savior
  3. Warning was given
    1. A warning to the Lost
    2. A warning to the Unsurrendered Believer
    3. A warning to the Uncertain Believer

   Matthew 11:25

  • It’s not how much you Know
  • It’s not how mature you are
  • It’s who you know intimately
  • Verses 28-30