Look for the Dove

Are you looking for the Dove. There are many places in the Bible which refer to, mention and speak of a dove. Today we watch the Baptism of Jesus as found in the following scriptures

Matthew 3:16-17
Mark 1:9-12
Luke 3:21-22 & Luke 4:14
John 1:32-33

Listen as we hear 7 reasons for The Dove in the Baptism of Jesus Christ.

  1. The Dove: Identified our Savior
  2. The Dove: Introduced our Savior
  3. The Dove: Encouraged our Savior
  4. The Dove: Indwelt our Savior
  5. The Dove: Directed our Savior
  6. The Dove: Empowered our Savior
  7. The Dove: Today Advertises our Savior
    1. Advertising Starts with Salvation
      1. Jesus in Me
    2. Advertising goes with Revival
      1. Revival in Me
    3. Advertising Continues with Growth
      1. Change in Me