The Reign of Law: 623 Signs You Need a Savior

As we continue our series of the Reigns of the Bible we take a look at the previous reigns:

-Reign of God
-Reign of Satan
-Reign of Man
-Reign of Conscience
-Reign of Human Government
-Reign of Promise

And now we turn our attention to the Reign of Law. In Exodus we read of the 613 laws handed down from God to the people of Israel along with the ten commandments. As we read through these laws many of us may ask Why are these in the bible? How to do these apply to me? Join with us as Pastor Brown delivers seven purposes the Old Testament Laws.

1. To prove to men they are sinful by nature – Galations 3:19
2. to prove all the people of the world are sinful – Romans 3:19
3. To control the Lawless and Ungodly – 1 Timothy 1:9-10
4. To show the terrible character of sin – Romans 7:12-14
5. To show the vast number of sins and the blessing of grace – Romans 5:20-21
6. To prepare (teach) men of their need of Christ – Galations 3:23-24
7. To demonstrate through types and pictures the righteous Savior – Romans 3:32-22

The Law condemns, but only Christ can take away sin!