The Reigns of the Bible: The Unholy Trinity

As we continue our study of the reigns of the bible we review the reigns we have already studied;

1. The Reign of God in creation.
2. The Reign of Satan.
3. The Reign of Man in the garden.
4. The Reign of Conscience.
5. The Reign of Government.
6. The Reign of Promise.
7. The Reign of Law.
8. The Reign of Grace.

Now we turn our attention toward future events and delve into the Reign of the Unholy Trinity. As we look at the book of Revelation we learn the answer to the following four questions.

1. Are these events past or future?
2. Are these events symbolic or real?
3. Who are the personages of the Unholy Trinity?
4. When will these events occur?