A Pilgrim’s guide to the Holy Land – Tel Aviv

A Trip to the Holy Land. To walk where Jesus walked. To see the sights and locations where biblical events took place. over the next several weeks Pastor Brown will share a sermon series on their recent Israel trip. We begin this journey with a look at the city of Tel-Aviv. We see its biblical significance and the many events that took place there in history. From Ezekiel 3:15-17 we glean 5 Ways to Minister to Others in 2018.

  1. Just Let the Lord Lead- Vs 14
  2. Just Understand where they are- Vs 15 (They of the Captivity)
  3. Just give time to Folks- vs 15 (Sat with them 7 days)
  4. Just let their Burden become yours- vs 15 (remained there astonished)
  5. Just tell them the truth- vs 17 (Give them a Warning from me)