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Dear Parents:

The children have made a smooth readjustment to school after the Christmas holidays. We appreciated how parents helped by keeping in close contact with teachers during this time.

We are pleased with the progress made by your child thus far. The children have learned the sounds of the vowels and consonants and are beginning to sound out blends and complete words. You can help your child by taking time to listen to him/her sound out blends and words at home using their slider.

The children have been learning to cut with scissors at school. You might find it interesting to try a snowflake project at home some rainy afternoon. Cut tissue paper in into a 7”by 7” square. (Typing paper or other white paper can be used.) Help your child fold the paper in half, and then fold into fourths. Now cut tiny half circles or other shapes with scissors around the outer edges and on the folds. Open the completed snowflake. They will be so amazed at what they have just made.

We anticipate an interesting and profitable year right through to the last day. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mrs. Livengood

Thank You!

Mrs. Livengood


To view this months  calendar click on the link below.

K4 Januarary Calendar