Mrs. Livengood’s Furry Friends

Dear Parents:

April showers are here, but playing “Doggie, Doggie, Who Has the Bone?” in the classroom at playtime makes even  rain enjoyable!

The vowels and consonants are taking on new meaning as the children are putting them together to form blends and words. A good foundation is being established that will prepare the children for Kindergarten next year.

Writing is a very special time each day. Soon the children will be learning to write their first names on their papers. If you would like to practice with them at home remind them that the only capital letter in their first name is the first letter. All other letters are little letters.

Just a reminder about our field trip to the Fourth of July Park on Friday April 20th.

Thank you,

Mrs. Livengood


To view this months  calendar click on the link below.

K4 April Calendar